The Defenders 

The Dungeon Master
Rank 0
The Dungeon Master
First name Jon
Last name Don by God (father unknown)
Special ability Give orders
Weakness Don't want to kill anyone
Favorite weapon Leadership Scepter
Alignment Deeply good
The Grumpy Gnome
Rank 3.2
The Grumpy Gnome
Grumpy Gnome
First name unknow (Nickname: Filthy)
Last name unknow
Special ability Vulgarity
Weakness Mess up
Favorite weapon Give the fingers
Alignment Evil by nature
The Demonist
Rank 1
The Demonist
First name Lilith
Last name Kaâma
Special ability Demon's invocations
Weakness Dominatric
Favorite weapon Whip
Alignment Bad just to annoy her parents
The Stagehand
Rank 0.1
The Stagehand
First name Mido
Last name The Magnificient
Special ability Setting traps
Weakness Excessivly formal verbosity, liar, cheat, unreliable, indulges in risky, behaviour, reckless
Favorite weapon Magical stones
Alignment His egocentrism makes him do bad things
The Beast Master
Rank 0.5
The Beast Master
First name Utz
Last name no last name
Special ability Cooking
Weakness Low self-confidence
Favorite weapon Spoon
Alignment Love makes him do bad things